HOBAS Hydropower Pipe Systems

In the early 1960s, Gommerkraftwerke in the Binn Valley in the Swiss canton of Valais was searching for a suitable material for the pressure pipeline to its hydropower plant. Around the same time, Swiss mechanical engineers were thinking about alternative applications for their textile dyeing rollers. It was a stroke of luck when Gommerkraftwerke heard about the pipes' excellent properties and low weight. The choice of material was clear – and they used thecentrifugally cast GRP pipes for the three-kilometer-long, very steep DN 1000 pipeline. Because the material is so light, it did not take them long to install the pipeline with relatively simple equipment. In the steep, rugged terrain of Switzerland's Binn Valley, the HOBAS Pressure Pipeline has proved so reliable that it is still in service today, after more than 50 years..

HOBAS Hydropower Pipelines have a mirror-like inside surface with a small roughness coefficient - they achieve minimal pressure loss and therefore maximal mass flow. Compared to other pipe materials, the higher flow rate at same diameters results in more output. Since the pipes are often laid in mountainous and rough terrain, the durable yet light HOBAS Pipes tip the scales in the decision-making process: their easy handling reduce installation time for more cost savings.

Scope of Supply  
Nominal Diameter [DN] 150 - 3600 mm
Nominal Pressure [PN] 1 - 32 bar
Nominal Stiffness [SN] 630 - 1000000 N/m²
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